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The below photos show a very common problem that we experience in our clinic on a weekly basis. These patients presented to our office for second opinions. Their complaints were simple: they had braces for many years and their jaw pain and headaches were worsening. All these patients gave up hope that anybody could get their issues resolved.
Our orthodontic analysis concluded that there was a significant overbite. In all cases there was a combination of the upper jaw being too large and the lower jaw being too small (while displaced in a backward position).
The current or former orthodontic treatment was not efficient. A complete change in mechanics was required to provide headache and pain relief. Over 4 mm of lower jaw growth was required in these cases in order to correct the overbite and stabilize the jaw joints. Immediate relief of the headaches was accomplished.

In the words of one of these patients: “Thanks a million for getting me out of this mess. I don’t have headaches any more since you fixed my mouth. Unbelievable!” I want more people to read your website content before they get themselves into expensive orthodontic treatment that may not work for them. Thanks for fixing me.”

Before Photos are on the left and represent the condition these patients presented to our office with.
After Photos are on the right and represent the proper orthodontic treatment used to correct the jaw and tooth problems and resolve the headache issues.