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Headaches in Denture Wearers

What happens when you lose your teeth and your dentures do NOT provide the comfort or chewing ability that you want? Furthermore, what happens when your dentures never seem to fit right and all the adjustments in the world cannot make “it right?”

This 70+ lady was referred to our office by her treating dentist. She was complaining of constant denture sores and inability to chew.  She just had a new denture fabricated.  She also had a history of chronic headaches.  Her treating dentist was knowledgeable enough to know that denture problems associated with headaches normally indicates neurologic problems caused by jaw imbalance issues.  He sent her to our office for evaluation.

Although her dentures were fitted properly, we determined that she suffered with a severe jaw to jaw discrepancy, which was causing severe left side facial pain and headaches. The pain was not due to sore spots from her dentures, which is what she wrongly believed to be the source of the problems.

We initiated a stabilization program utilizing her existing dentures. After her pain was relieved, we worked closely with her referring dentist and fabricated a neuromuscular denture in order to provide the most optimal support and position for her jaws.

Many denture wearers have similar problems. If you are a denture or partial wearer and you can’t seem to be able to use your artificial teeth properly, or if you have facial pain/jaw pain/headaches…. then give us a call.  We can easily determine where your problems are coming from and offer easy solutions to give you back your smile and your health.

Even the best looking and greatest fitting dentures can have deficiencies in relation to providing optimal jaw and muscle stabilization.

EMG and neuromuscular therapies are often used to rebalance these patients.

New neuromuscular dentures fabricated after 4 months of pain therapy. Notice the extra support built into the upper denture with longer and more “supportive” teeth.  The fabrication of this new denture is NOT guess work.  It can only be accomplished by incorporating XR studies and EMG analysis of jaw position.  Most denture wearers are currently wearing replacement teeth that are fabricated incorrectly due to such jaw imbalance problems