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Headache Pain Case Studies

Covid Info

It may seem like we are living a movie or horror novel. But this is not the first time that our world has seen such a scare. While a large segment of the population is not phased by the Corona Virus there are many who are scared, Diabetic and "compromised" individuals...

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Chronic Migraine Sufferers

Chronic migraine sufferers believe that there is no hope for their suffering. Jailed to a life of medications, doctor visits, and unsuccessful therapies these patients stop to look for answers. We treat many chronic pain sufferers who have simply exhausted...

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Gum Chewers

If you like to chew gum please realize that you are ten times more likely to develop headaches and jaw pain. Your teeth, especially your back teeth, are designed to chew and move food around in order to digest. The teeth are NOT genetically engineered to be biting...

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Migraine Cause and Cosmetic Dentistry

This beautiful lady came to our office with complaints of severe migraine headaches and ear pain. Our analysis concluded that her jaw function was out of alignment by over 5 mm. We started our treatment with functional decompression appliances. Within 6 months all of...

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Headaches in Orthodontic Treatment

The below photos show a very common problem that we experience in our clinic on a weekly basis. These patients presented to our office for second opinions. Their complaints were simple: they had braces for many years and their jaw pain and headaches were worsening....

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Failed TMJ Therapy And Whiplash

The following case show how substandard dental work can have huge implications when it comes to Head Pain problems. This 60+ year old patient presented to our office after being referred by his case worker. He had just completed a full TMJ treatment program with...

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Our Headache Treatment Video

For additional information, please view our Treatment Video so that you can learn more about the causes of migraine headaches.

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