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This beautiful lady came to our office with complaints of severe migraine headaches and ear pain. Our analysis concluded that her jaw function was out of alignment by over 5 mm.

We started our treatment with functional decompression appliances. Within 6 months all of her headaches and ear aches were eliminated. Patient was truly amazed that our dental treatment alleviated and cured what numerous other neurologists and doctors could not treat for over 20 years.

A comprehensive neuromuscular EMG study was performed before any dental treatment commenced. This advanced diagnostic tool enables us to be able to precisely determine how we find harmony between muscle, bone, and tooth positions. In this case, the EMG confirmed the need for 5 mm. of tooth support and advancement of the lower jaw to a position which would provide stability and proper function. Without and EMG study it is impossible to have the proper blueprint for cases that involve such complex issues. It would be similar to building a skyscraper without blueprints.

The treatment followed with reconstruction of her teeth and establishing a brand new bite and jaw position. This work included porcelain crowns and veneers. The final photo shows a close-up of her lower teeth, which shows longer than average teeth. This was required in order to provide the necessary jaw function and stability. This was also necessary to prevent any future headaches. As you can see from the face photos, the length of these lower teeth did not affect her smile or show negatively in any way. As a matter of fact, take a look at the significant difference in her overall appearance.

This patient’s life has changed dramatically since completion of these services. She can’t stop smiling and her confidence level is up in the stratosphere.