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The most common question we get:

How are you going to treat my pain and get rid of my headaches/migraines?

treat_1The answer to this question is very complex due to the multiple treatment options and strategies that we use. The combination of various treatments that we provide allows us to give pain relief and therapy. Our success rate is nearly 100%. With 29+ years of experience under our belt, we know how to treat each case individually and we have learned how NOT to fail! Our Treatment Video explains our approach to therapy in detail. It is impossible to list all pertinent information on this website. That is why we created a Treatment Video, which explains the steps you can take to make sure that you can find the right doctor and the right care for your problem. We know that there are many dentists who attempt these treatments only to learn failure. Our Treatment Video will help you to learn about your pain problem and provide a guide to help you find the right specialist to cure your problem.


There are many theories and treatment protocols used internationally for TMJ and Headache Therapy. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, however, there are right and wrong treatment approaches. For example, we see a large number of patients who have been treated by “weekend warrior” specialists by utilizing Upper Bite Plates (bite splints that fit on the upper teeth.) This is the most common of all dental appliances. It is also the one that has the highest failure rate. Most dentists fabricate this type of appliance because that’s what they were taught in school. Our Treatment Video covers this problem and topic in more detail. Other treatment modalities known include Expansion Appliances. Some experts believe that expanding the upper jaw can provide pain relief. This can be incorrect treatment especially if the lower jaw is not placed in the proper position. Expanders can cause more pain because they can displace the lower jaw into a more painful position.

NTI Technology

A very effective device if used for moderate pain cases. It can also help about 50% (by our clinical observation) of migraine sufferers. This device can cause more pain if it is not adjusted properly in the mouth. Many of these devices that we see fitted by other dentists are incorrectly adjusted. If you have this device and it is not providing pain relief then you must consider that either the device is ill-fitted or your condition warrants more advanced care. This device is normally used for the beginning stages of treatment and not as long term care.

Lower Splints

treat_3These CAN usually be the most effective appliances to correct jaw imbalances and cure even the worst headache and migraine sufferers. Even simple flat plane bruxism splints can provide relief, if adjusted properly. However, when adjusted incorrectly… they can worsen pain ten times over! Our Treatment Video covers the use and fabrication of these appliances in more detail.

Appliance Failure

If you have been fitted with a dental appliance and your pain has not subsided within 3 months, we have the following recommendations for you:

  1. Have your specialist re-adjust the splint and explain to you what he/she is trying to accomplish with its use. If a clear explanation is not forthcoming, find another specialist… it should be an exact science, not guesswork.
  2. If you are “fighting” your appliance, then consider that you may need a break-in period of treatment. This may consist of wearing different appliances until you get used to the correct one. Normally, a small device such as the NTI is used to “break you in”, followed by a lower neuromuscular splint and possilby nightime orthopedic correctors. It may take more than 4 months before you can even start wearing the correct appliance.
  3. In most cases, physical therapy and postural education is also required before the appliance can have a high success rate. If your specialist has not evaluated your posture or has not considered physical medicine requirements, you may want to seek a second opinion. Our clinical experience has shown that over 75% of our patients require physical medicine intervention.

Our Headache Treatment Video

For additional information, please view our Treatment Video so that you can learn more about the causes of migraine headaches.

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