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Causes of Craniofacial Pain Syndrome, Head and Neck Pain

hn_1With our 24+ years of experience and research, we have discovered that 95% of ALL headaches are caused by muscle tension. This tension can be related to stress and/or an improper harmony of the jaws, muscles and neck. Tension and/or imbalance can cause a constant strain on your head, jaws, face, and neck.

The Average Patient

The patients that we see at our office have exhausted their efforts in trying to find a cure for their pain. The answer to the problem is not very difficult to find. The link between tension, imbalance, strain, and pain can be explained by a phenomenon that we call Compression.

Compression causes blood flow changes and alters the electrochemical balance of the head, face, and neck. Changes in blood flow leads to improper pressure increases in smaller, adjoining arteries. This shift in blood flow also causes nerve and chemical disturbances, and eventual pain. See the Migraines Explained and Self Diagnosis page(s) for more information.

All of the various reasons shown on this website and on our Treatment video can cause compression of the jaw joint and changes in blood flow. The reason for this is that the muscles overwork themselves in an effort to bring balance back to the area. They try to protect the damage being caused, unfortunately they cause more damage in the long term. Overworked muscles begin to tire out and eventually spasm. This causes the muscles to shorten and increase the compression. The patient begins to experience migraines and related facial pain.

hn_2Often, patients exhibit cervical (neck) problems related to their symptoms and to the jaw dysfunction, directly or indirectly. Many times we find an alarming number of these patients who have been misdiagnosed or completely undiagnosed by their medical professionals. Failure to address underlying neck and shoulder problems, by any headache or facial pain specialist, will lead to incorrect treatment and lack of pain relief.

The chicken and the egg really do go together when it comes to these treatments. Failure to address both problems leads to wrong treatment. Often, we see patients who seek treatment for neck and shoulder problems who do not receive a proper diagnosis for their jaw issues, and vice versa. Successful Head/Neck/Shoulder Pain treatments must take into account all of the structures of the head and neck. Treatment must be done in conjunction otherwise the outcome is limited. In other words, trying to balance the jaw in the right position, in the presence of neck and shoulder problems, is like swimming upstream. Similarly, trying to alleviate neck pain issues, without addressing possible jaw imbalance problems, is like flying a kite without wind.

For example, local physicians refer many whiplash victims to our office for help.  While we have an amazing record for being able to control trauma induced head pain, we are always cautious about providing a proper diagnosis and looking at the overall picture of the patient’s condition(s) before we initiate care.  The analysis of any patient, especially trauma victims, must take into account all aspects of the person’s health and injuries, especially the neck and shoulders.  Many times there is a concomitant displacement of the jaws which is accompanied by cervical (neck) dysfunction or injury.  Addressing cervical and shoulder injuries is a key component of our diagnosis and care success.  Oftentimes, these issues are overlooked by many health care professionals.


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