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eval_1This website was created for the purpose of being as informative and helpful as possible. Many of our readers write to us about the fact that they are very skeptical of the relationship between jaw dysfunction and head pain (i.e. migraines, headaches, ear pain, tinnitus, etc.).

How can the jaws cause migraines? How can jaw dysfunction cause neck pain, earaches, headaches, and so many other facial and head pain issues? How can a Dentist fix my migraines? That just can’t be true?!

Well, we have treated thousands of patients with severe chronic problems and our success rate is nearly 100%.

There is one thing that is clear and certain:

eval_2Jaw dysfunction/misalignment is usually the MAIN reason behind your Head Pain! You just need to find the right doctor to help you cure and recover from your pain issues. So, even if you have been suffering with migraines for over 20 years, you will be happy to know that the future of headache treatment is here now and YOU can find a cure for your problem… with guaranteed results! We receive hundreds of inquiries, every week, for specific answers to individual problems. Most of the answers to these questions can be found on our website and on our Treatment Video. Please go back and take the time to read through the website for your answers and order our video. Although we would like to be able to respond to individual inquiries, we cannot properly evaluate specific concerns without performing thorough in-office examinations. Also, due to legal reasons, we do not render medical or dental advice to our readers without proper evaluations.

Our clinic is located in Michigan, but for our nationwide/international readers, we have the following advice:

eval_3Order the free Treatment Overview Video, which was produced in order to help you fully understand how to get the right diagnosis and find the correct treatment for your problem. If you still have some questions, after watching the video and reading all of the information on our websites, you may want to take our self diagnosis quiz created by our digital marketing agency or you can feel free to send us your request on the contact us page. 

Other helpful advice:

Visit the AACFP.ORG website.

This organization has a list of specialists who treat patients with problems involving TMJ, Headaches, Facial Pain, etc. You may be able to locate a specialist close to your home that can answer your questions. Use the information on our video and this website to know whether you are getting the right care.

Interview the doctors that you find.

Many dentists claim to know the answers, yet few can provide the proper treatment. The most important aspect of successful treatment is a proper diagnosis. The specialist you find must be skilled at functional orthodontics as well as prosthodontics. He/she must be able to align your teeth and jaws using braces, appliances, or crowns/bridges/implants. This requires an immense amount of skill and knowledge. Don’t be surprised to learn that there are only a handful of such super-star dentists! Our experience indicates that there are less than a few hundred such doctors available nationwide… but you can find them with the info we have provided for you on this website and on our video.

Your future specialist must also work closely with a team of doctors, including ENTs, neurologists, sleep specialists, physical medicine, therapists, chiropractors, etc. for optimal care.

Once you find a skilled specialist he/she can alleviate your pain and return you to a normal life. It is hard for most people to believe that a few select dentists are leading the way into head pain treatments (including migraines), but it is the future — today! Although a complete medical and neurological assessment is critical to proper diagnosis, most medical treatments aimed at curing head pain are not successful. It is somewhat hard to understand why physicians cannot help headache sufferers, and skepticism is not unusual for patients who do not understand how a dentist can cure headaches and facial pain. If you have reviewed the information on this website, on our video, and our TMJ website www.646care.com you will find the answers to your dilemma.

You must also realize that treating your pain problems with medications is NOT correct treatment.

Most medications prescribed for head pain simply hide and mask the underlying problem by trying to fool you into believing that there is nothing wrong. Doctors prescribe these medications due to a lack of proper understanding of what is causing the pain. If a doctor prescribes medication for you without telling you specifically what is causing the pain, why would you trust such treatment? It is lack of knowledge that causes such inadequate treatment to be performed by a large number of doctors. From our experience, treatments with medications (such as Imitrex, narcotics, pain relievers, and other agents) are usually not beneficial and can cause more long term problems. Muscle relaxants can help during treatment, but only if used temporarily. Just say NO to drugs!

Previous treatment could be the cause.

Many of the questions that we receive also come from patients who have had previous treatments for TMJ or Headaches by specialists who claim to be able to cure these problems. Usually, these inquiries include concerns about the fact that previous treatments, bite appliances and braces did not help their problem. If you have received previous bite appliance treatments and your pain has not subsided, then we would advise you to have a second opinion regarding the adequacy of your treatment. The majority of the appliances that we evaluate lack efficacy. Some appliances can actually worsen your pain, if not constructed properly. That is why we advise all of our readers to find a skilled specialist who can properly diagnose pain and implement effective treatment. Likewise, a lot of orthodontic care can actually cause more pain, if not performed judiciously. There are many impostors posing as skilled doctors, in medicine as well as dentistry. Don’t be fooled by them!

It Is The Mission Statement Of Our Practice To Cure Migraines And Head Pain Forever… Without Drugs!

If you are a practicing TMJ specialist, visiting our website, and you would like to learn more about our treatment therapies, feel free to contact or visit us. We want to help you be able to help your patients. Dr. John Halmaghi and staff.

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