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In this newsletter we wanted to touch on a common problem that we see during fall and winter seasons: Sinus problems!

Sinus Problems Causing Headaches, Diziness, and Ghost Toothaches.

Headaches, diziness, and “fake/ghost toothaches” can result from sinus issues. TMJ sufferers have a higher predisposition towards developing sinus problems and can end up presenting your office with complaints of pain in their upper teeth. They can also complain of TMJ and related symptoms.

There is a definite correlation between TMJ problems and sinus issues. The lateral pterygoid muscles attach to the sinus wall and can stress out the sinus cavities. Unless there are obvious dental causes behind a patient’s complaint, addressing sinus problems is important to all practitioners. Percussing the upper teeth will normally elicit pain in these patients.

Most of the time there is nothing wrong from a dental perspective.  Just make sure to check for possible vertical root fractures using a Qtip or Tooth Sleuth.

Before you Refer A Patient to an ENT Doctor

Before you refer your patient back to their ENT doctor, some simple advice can actually get them back towards healing. Alternative treatments such as NeilMed Sinus Rinse and Nasal Sprays are a more natural way of helping cleanse and heal sinuses. Have the patient simply follow the package instructions. They can be used daily for a week in order to see results.

Prescription drugs can actually worsen sinus problems over time, especially if they have TMJ problems that are not resolving.

Additional recommendations are as follows:

  1. Use Breathe Right Nasal strips or Nasal Cones when sleeping. This increases the inflow of oxygen through the nose and helps to elevate the Nitric Oxide levels that are required for healing your sinuses and improving your body’s metabolic processes.
  2. Use an air purifier/ozonator in the bedroom at night
  3. Change the furnace and humidifier filters monthly
  4. Keep pets out of bedrooms
  5. Add plants such as Aloe Vera or Lavender in the bedroom
  6. Check the house for any possible mold contamination