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It may seem like we are living a movie or horror novel. But this is not the first time that our world has seen such a scare. While a large segment of the population is not phased by the Corona Virus there are many who are scared, Diabetic and “compromised” individuals have obvious reasons to be afraid. What you need to know about this virus:

  1. Corona is a mutated Sars virus that started in bats
  2. Covid is the disease that it causes
  3. The virus is actually very fragile and can easily be killed by soap, 5:1 bleach;water solution, or Alcohol greater than 65% concentration. Lysol can be helpful. Alcohol, vodka, vinegar, Tequila do NOT work. Listerine may be helpful so long as bottle states it contains 65% alcohol.
  4. There has been talk that warm temperatures can degrade the virus. There have even been videos showing how to use a hairdryer to warm up your face, nose, mouth, and sinuses. No evidence has been presented that this works but there may be something said about prolonged use of saunas to kill the virus.
  5. Antibiotics do NOT kill it.
  6. Basic prevention steps are to clean yourself top to bottom. This should include removing your clothes before returning home and NOT shaking them. Place them in a garbage bag and clean them with soap and water before putting in washing machine. Wash all other items before entering home. Shampoos should be effective however keep in mind that if the virus is already on your body you must cleanse before entering shared spaces. The virus is airborne and will quickly “fly” to another surface or person. It can remain airborne for 3 hrs

Looking at this problem from another perspective, there are many things that you can do to help your body fight off and not be affected by this virus. First and foremost, follow CDC guidelines. Second, detoxify not just your outer layers but think about your overall health. Your body is basically a biophotonic machine that filters and ELIMINATES bacteria, chemicals, and viruses 24/7. The healthier your filters are the easier it is to stay healthy and not get sick. Elimination is the key to staying healthy at all times. Think of your body as a sponge that is always cleaning the kitchen counter. The more you rinse the sponge the cleaner it stays and the better the job that it can perform. Load that sponge with chocolate syrup and it won’t last very long. Same with your body. Clean it with vegetables, fruit, healthy snack, and lots of water. In the coming months we will be creating more pages about Alternative Dentistry and Medicine and what you can do to optimize your health. For now, keep it simple. Eat right, cut out the sugar and the breads, exercise, get lots of sleep, and drink plenty of clean water. An additional easy step you can take immediately is to complete a 14 Day Body Cleanse. A simple Amazon search can quickly get you on track. Here is an example:


Stay safe and look for upcoming information about our new Biokinetic Treatment Program